Top 10 Highest Value Footballers in the World

A website evaluating and collecting various statistics Of football players around the world ranked the 10 most valuable soccer players worldwide.

However, stars such as Barcelona star Lionel Messi are not in the top five, while the record striker Cristiano Ronaldo has dropped an incredible record.

  • Antoine Griezmann

The 28-year-old France striker has decided to move from Atletico Madrid to join the Barcelona army. When the market for trading players during the past summer. Currently has scored 14 goals in 36 appearances, including all events. And his worth is now the equivalent of € 120 million when he moved from the Bears team.

  • Jadon Sancho

The first English player since 2004-2005 Frank Lampard to achieve at least 15 assists per season in five major European leagues is now considered one of the world’s hottest youngsters. Plus the future pretends to be moved to the giant team soon.

This season, San Jose has slashed 14 goals in 23 appearances in the Bundesliga. Which can be assured that the transfer fee will not be lower than the estimated value on this trip.

  • Lionel Messi

It is a superstar at the forefront and has a contract with the agency as high as € 700m, but when assessed by various elements. Especially now, with the 32-year-old blue sky star, the value of the six-time Ballon d’Or is estimated at 140 million euros and is at the eighth place on the chart.

  • Kevin De Bruyne

Sweeping the eyes of Europe’s foremost midfielders I must say that this hour The 28-year-old is considered the most gold-footed midfielder out of a record of 96 innings, the most compared to players from five major European leagues. The Belgian is also one of the Premier League’s players of the year award.

  • Harry Kane

Despite the misfortune of suffering a thigh muscle injury and a long break, the England captain is still valued at € 150 million, which is unclear if this figure will go up high. Than this or not.

  • Mohamed Salah

The record star has scored 20 goals for 3 consecutive seasons. This figure, even the former two Reds’ favorite strikers Lys Suarez and Fernando Torres could never do. Harry Kane was equal to the situation, but the team finished the season with a championship, it’s unlikely that as well. Will his value still be equal to that of the Golden Spear Chicken?

  • Sadio Mane

The owner of the number 10 shirt this season has consistently broken important goals for the Reds. Was ranked in as expected, not much expected

This season’s net in the Premier League to 14 goals in 26 games that serve the agency. The club’s second scorer is second only to Salah, who pressed 16 Tung.

In the past, the players have been interested in both Real Madrid and Paris Saint-Germain, but they can be assured that if the Senegalese striker really moves the team. Alone, the estimated numbers may not be enough.

  • Neymar

Brazilian star, which is reported to have moved after the end of this season. The prices set by the Ligue 1 agency are slightly lower than what the famous website estimates. When it was set only 150 million euros

Since moving from Barcelona to PSG in 2017 for a world record € 222 million, “Neymar” netted a total of 69 goals in the Premier League in 80 games, while on the 28-year-old. The year has to come to see how high the value of the players who had been expected to inherit the top line-up from Messi and Ronaldo could soar.

  • Raheem Sterling

Became the most valued English star By admitting that, since being under the molding of Pep Guardiola, “Sterling” has raised his pace by leaps and bounds in the last two seasons that the team won the league title to dominate the winger. It is a vital force that teams can live without and score goals that touch double digits both seasons (18 and 17 goals)

  • Killian Mbappe

At the age of only 21 years, this forward-thinking French striker has won the title of World Championships.

It is believed that the movie buff is very well aware of the poison of this perfume star spearhead. By this season, he has made 20 appearances in Ligue 1, but pressed 18 goals, while if counted throughout his playing time for PSG, he has reached 64 goals in 46 games. Top League Perfume Dan

With such a complete set of capabilities, it is no surprise that club chairman Nasser Alkhelifi has made clear that any team offer will not be considered for the removal of Mbappe from Parn. The Prince.

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