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In the 21st century

There is an abundance of tools that can add value to your products to gain customers’ attention and one of the most vital is text content. If you have attractive text content on your social media it is certainly going to elevate the engagement and will also make ways to deal with the marketing challenges. We all know that reading can be boring no, and to make it interesting videos and photos are used more.

If you are not a reader then probably you will skip the content. So what we need today is visual content because it is popular these days. On the other hand, even the visual content is having text in different formats like hashtags, captions, and descriptions. This means no matter how boring we declare text to be, it holds importance. This is also understandable and convenient for both search algorithms and readers.Indian Social media platforms like Connected India, heloand other social media platform like Instagram offer a huge opportunity when it comes to communicating with audiences.

If you are promoting your business on social media platforms then the good news is that numerous ways can help you in creating a content plan. This content plan will help in engaging audiences; their interest is maintained and will also attract potential customers. Follow the below-mentioned guidance to get desired results.

Informational content is the key

On social media networks, you can either spoil your business or can take it to heights. There you have to offer complete transparency because there are billions of eyes to judge your business. Unique, useful, and interesting posts get the exposure and the rest gets lost in the crowd. One important thing is to post your content regularly so that it can pop up in your audience’s news feed. Informational content will not work directly but will help in attracting your targeted audiences. It will build a theme for your business like what is the idea, services, products, etc. so based on your business objective you can create.

  • Professional content: – where you can add opinions of the experts, interviews, successful stories, and analytical material.
  • Educational content:-master classes, step-by-step guide, tips, FAQs, tricks, and how to like the content.
  • Image content:-this will include A-Z information of your business like the history, origin, qualification of staff, certificates, awards, achievements, etc. interesting cases and negative feedback also.
  • News content: – press release, ratings, vacancies, upcoming events, promotional content, etc.

If you have an idea about professional content posting on popular social media it will take your brand to new heights without any doubt. When you are posting regularly people start recognizing your brand.  It also builds trust among customers because they are getting updates building interest in your brand.  All this will turn your readers into potential customers. Just make sure you are not posting similar content again and again.

Selling posts

The main objective of selling posts is to identify issues and to offer solutions. It also encourages users to take adaptive feat after reading the content. The authors of the selling posts use their skills and make use of exceptional techniques to achieve actions. If you think selling post is limited to texts then you are wrong as it also has.

  • Reviews from real customers which satisfy the learning needs have interested customers; it is also serving social confirmation of your brand popularity.
  • Information about offers, deals, discounts, and other money-saving perks for customers
  • Seasonal highlights and popular services and products.

Your selling content must have a call to action and your message should be clear so that every reader and customer can understand your message without any difficulty.

Entertainment content

The majority of the people join social media for amusement, they like reading interesting posts, positive content is explored, and fun things are appreciated by sharing it with others. You must keep this in mind because this is what will help you in building entertaining content for engaging readers and customers.  Also, this will not sell your things directly but works intensely. We all know how fast posts get viral if it holds the potential.

People quickly spread the word if they find it interesting and helpful. Another objective of entertainment content is to keep your customers engaged. You can use interesting facts, tests, polls, and freebies, contests like attractions to get more participants and build a long chain one after another. Posting entertaining content will also increase the brand popularity resulting in brand recognition.

These are the 3 main factors that will help you in creating a content plan for social media platforms like Connected, Facebook, Insta, YouTube, etc. plan your posts in the above-explained ways and popularity will come running towards you. All these actions can be used to deal with different issues your brand might be facing right now.

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