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Want a new exterior? Planning to get a fresh interior for your home? Invest in a paint job. It does wonders to a home. People underestimate the power of a fresh coat of paint until they actually get one. However, the real dilemma is whether one should invest in a DIY paint job or hire professional painting services?

It is in your best interests to hire the best painting company in your town. It is a reliable, long-lasting, and cost-effective option. You might be thinking that cost-effectiveness sounds counter-intuitive here because you pay a hefty amount to professional painters. But here is the rub.

Let’s say you do the paint job all by yourself and it is so bad that rather than uplifting the curb appeal it destroys the outlook of your home. What would you do? Hire a professional, right? But you will be wasting time, money, and resources. The smart approach is to hire a professional painter right from the get-go.

We understand that hiring a professional is no easy feat. You need to figure out the budget, filter out your options, and wait until the job is done to see results. But, these pro-tips will help you get through the tedious task with ease. Stay with us till the end.

search for the professionals painting

The biggest mistake that homeowners make while selecting a painter is that they randomly go with anyone whose Instagram bio says “good at painting walls”. Make sure you do not make this mistake and only stick to the credible professionals whose legitimacy can be verified via proper channels.

Get rid of all the random options and go headstrong by hiring the pros. Trust us when we say that a professional painter knows what he is doing. Even if you are shortlisting options, only add the pros to this list. Shortlist “The Pro” from a list of only the pros.

Get quotations from at least three to four painting companies 

When you are finished drafting a list of the professionals and shortlisting the top ones from this list, the next task is to call each of them and get their individual quotes. Remember to note down these quotes somewhere. However, prior to asking for a quotation, clearly state your requirements and the size of your house and get the numbers accordingly.

So, before getting the quotations, it only makes sense to answer certain important questions at your end. Do you want your entire house to be painted? Do you want a retouch or a color change? Do the painters need to conduct damage repair before the paint?

Once you answer all these questions, convey them to your painter, and then get a written cost estimate preferably. This cost must include the cost of paint, labor charges, and any miscellaneous costs.

Go with credible and reliable references from your social circle.

Prior to conducting your own search for the best painters near you on Google, a smarter way is to inquire with family, friends, colleagues, and neighbors. You will get better references from your social circle than on the internet. Think about it, only if a painter has done an incredible job would the client recommend their name to you, right?

But, if you fail to get reference, you can consult the internet. However, do your search properly. Check their portfolio, read all their reviews, see pictures of their past work, ask about their expertise whether they do residential or commercial paints.

A paint job is a long-term investment. Make sure you hire the right person for this job.

Ask for the warranty details on the paint job 

There are chances that a contractor may use poor quality or weather incompetent paint that may wear off or crack off from the walls within the first few months. So, what would you do? Hire a new painter? No, why would you waste your investment?

When hiring a painting contractor, check what kind of warranty he offers both on the paint type and the labor.

Do not hesitate to get a professional opinion anywhere required

As a homeowner, you have every right to make the choice of what color or paint should go on the walls of your home. However, the longevity and compatibility of a particular color or type of paint on your wall can better be analyzed by a professional than by you.

Hence, it is wise to seek professional advice wherever required. Ask them whether your choice of color or paint type will suit the walls of your home or not. Certain types of paints may not be suited to your area’s climate.

Hiring a professional is a win-win situation.

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