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Every time you need to search for information, Google Search is the most powerful tool that everyone will think of first. However, not always the results displayed will answer the problem you are wondering. Do not blame the doctor – Gúc “nervous” because maybe the way you look up is not really appropriate and accurate. Here are suggestions to help you use Google Search more effectively and save time. There are many tips for working with the giant search engine

1. Express what do you want in many ways

Don’t use only one search method, if you want to diversify your Google results, express what you want to find in many different ways.

For example, if you want to look for a good Thai restaurant in District 1, you will have the following expressions

2. Use quotation marks

If you only search keywords in the usual way, Google will return you all the results related to the keyword you find, regardless of whether they are written in the correct order or the full phrase you look up. are not. For example, if you want to find a job CV for the Marketing industry and enter this keyword correctly in the Google search, the results will include content such as: Marketing job guide, Industry resume template Marketing, sales … Sometimes, they don’t really match your needs, wasting you in vain of time.

However, if you add quotation marks to each content you want to find, such as “Marketing CV” , Google will implicitly understand that you only want to appear results that contain exactly the sentence you just entered, the results. that word search is also more efficient. Try this method the next time Google Search offline.

3. Use the asterisk

You want to look up the title of the song but you do not memorize all the words or you want to search for an article that you have read before but just “remember” the title? Use asterisks to replace missing words, you will get surprisingly accurate results.

For example: instead of entering the full article title 3 CV assessment tools “not in the right form” that you should not miss , you just need to enter: 3 tools

The results will return the correct content of the article that you are looking for.

4. Use site: to find exactly the web page you need

In some cases, you just want to find information about a fixed page but Google does not understand what you mean, but “intentionally” displays a myriad of confusing results. So how to

handle this situation? It’s too simple, just add “site” + “:” + “website you want to find” after the keyword.

Example: CV for a job site: iconicJob.vn

So results related to CVs on other pages will no longer appear in front of your eyes, now you are free to choose the really necessary content on the iconicJob.vn page that you love. that’s easy.

5. Gradually increase search terms

It is not difficult to see that sometimes our Google uncle returns extremely “irrelevant” results at all to the content you are looking for. At such times, try to add search terms gradually and increase the length of the content.

6. Find the site through another website

If you are an SEO, you will probably be interested in how your page is linked to other websites. If you are just a normal job seeker, and want to know the prestige of the company you are preparing to apply for, then it is advisable to review the comments, articles related to the company’s website.

You just need to type in the following syntax: link: website to find, for example link: iconicJob.vn Google will immediately display the results that are pages or articles directed directly to the iconicJob.vn landing page.

This method of finding a page that leads to another page is not well known, you can use this skill to improve search efficiency on Google or show them off in front of employers to score.

7. Find similar websites

If you have started getting bored with a website you used to love.  Try finding inspiration at similar sites using the Google Search tip.

What you need to do is to enter the correct syntax: related: link website, for example: related: tiki.vn

The results are pages similar to: sendo.vn, vinabook.com, nhasachphuongnam.com … For those of you who have creative work, this is a great suggestion to have new ideas, right? ?

8. Find multiple content at once

To minimize search time, you can enter 2 keywords at the same time in the Google search bar.

For example: “How to score points with employers” OR “How do employers like candidates?”

At this point, the answers will simultaneously solve both questions. Your job is just to choose the right answer without having to generate any more searches.

9. Don’t use plain language, use the language of the web pages

Most people have a habit of looking up common words in everyday life, which causes many difficulties in finding. The language of the website is completely different from the popular language, if you enter the keywords incorrectly, the results on Google will have many deviations.

For example users tend to type the keyword Cause the tire is deflated while to be more consistent with the web language, you need to edit it to Cause the tire is slowly deflated.

Changing the use of words to match the usage of web pages will help you work more effectively with Google Search and find the results you want.

10. Focus on important words

A long keyword can make Google Search results more accurate and specific. But also has the opposite effect, making the Google search engine become cluttered. So make sure you only use essential and important words and the keywords you are looking for are really simple hitting the focus.

Long keyword: I should find a job Marketing in Ho Chi Minh City. HCM on which websites

Short keyword: Find a Marketing job in the city. HCM City

Immediately, the newest Marketing jobs in TP. HCM on job search pages will be aggregated and appear before your eyes.

The above are tips that can help you when working with Google Search. Bookmark this article or note the content to use when needed.

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